Success Stories

We have the privilege of working with hundreds of organizations in our region. Through those partnerships, thousands of examples of commitments towards improved wellness spring forth. Below are just some of the stories we chose to write about:

Worksite Wellness

Wellness Committee Makes Strides at Lakeshirts (Worksite Wellness)

Healthy Options Become a Worksite Reality (Workplace_CWG)

KLN Industries (Worksite Wellness)

The Tunnel: Where you can Walk the Walk and Put a Smile on your Feet (Worksite Wellness)

United Community Bank Ramps Up their Wellness Program (Worksite Wellness)

Worksite Wellness in Wilkin County (Worksite Wellness)

Lakes Country Service Cooperative Makes Healthy Worksite Changes (Worksite Wellness)

Active Living

Annual Bike Rodeos Teach Healthy, Lifelong Skills (Active Living)

Artfully Promoting Health (Active Living)

Concordia College Awarded Bike-Friendly Status (Active Living)

Paving the Trail (Active Living)

Pedaling to Better Health (Active Living)

Dilworth Ice Rink & Farmer's Market (Active Living/Healthy Eating)


ChildcareAlive! Fosters Healthy Foods and Active Play (Childcare_SHIP)

Integrating Physical Activity with Our Youngest (Childcare SHIP)

Small Steps Leading to Big Changes (Childcare)

Healthy Child Care Provider Leads Healthy Children (Childcare)

ChildcareAlive! Making an Impact on Small Bodies and Minds (Childcare)

Farm to Childcare (Childcare)

Health Equity

Mobile Food Pantry Meets Needs of Hungry Neighbors (Health Equity)

Providing Culturally-Sensitive Health Education (Health Equity)

REACHing for a Healthier Hawley (Health Equity)

CCRI Helps People with Disabilities Get Rolling Safely (Health Equity)

Equipping CCRI to Guide Consumers towards Healthy Living (Health Equity SHIP)

A Place for Hope Becomes A Place for Health (Health Equity)

This is Where Our Future Grows (Health Equity)

Happy, Safe, and Active Children (Health Equity)

A Place to Belong (Health Equity)


Partnering to Prevent Diabetes—Lake Region Healthcare

Partnering to Prevent Diabetes—Lakeland Mental Health Center

Partnering to Prevent Diabetes—ComDel Innovation

Partnering to Prevent Diabetes—Perham Health

Collaboration Plays Key Role for I CAN Prevent Diabetes Class (Lifestyle_CWG)

I CAN Prevent Diabetes Brings New Hope (Lifestyle_CWG)

Active Schools

Classroom Makeover Improves Student Outcomes (Active Schools)

Students + Snowshoes = Outdoor Fun (Active Schools)

Active Schools Help Students Move & Learn in DGF (Active Schools)

Active Recess Extreme Makeover (Active Schools)

Pedometers in the Classroom (Active Schools)

Fergus Falls Students Lead by Example (Active Schools/Healthy Eating)

Bike and Walk to School (Active Schools)

Moorhead School Supporting Students in Motion (Active Schools)

Healthy Eating

Eat Well Initiative Brings "Fresh on the Go" to Service Food (Eat Well_CWG)

Grab N Go Breakfrast- Fergus Falls Schools (Healthy Eating)

Putting Health on the Menu (Healthy Restaurant Initiative_CWG)

Fresh Connect Food Hub Impacts Perham Schools (Food Hub, Healthy Eating)

Fresh Connect Food Hub Impacts School Nutrition (Food Hub, Healthy Eating)

Fresh Connect Food Hub (update October 2015)

Family Catering and Daycare Businesses Take Healthy Turns (Healthy Eating/Childcare)

Regional Food Hub to Strengthen Local Food Movement (Healthy Eating)

Perham Students Dig into Nutrition (Healthy Eating)

High School Prom Celebrates with Healthy Foods (Healthy Eating)

Healthy Snack Challenge (Healthy Eating)

PioneerCare Focused on Local Foods (Healthy Eating)

Breckenridge U.S. Healthier School Challenge (Healthy Eating)

Breast feeding Rates Increase (Healthy Eating)

Helping Local Farmers Grow (Healthy Eating Community)

Lake Region Takes Root Beginning to Sprout (Healthy Eating Community)

Fresh Connect Food Hub Begins Pilot Year (Healthy Eating Schools)

You Look Funny (Healthy Eating/Arts Organizer)


Game Changer: Motivational Interviewing

Blood Pressure Program Empowers Patients (Healthcare_CWG)

Engaging Clinics in Prevention (Healthcare)

Intense Behavioral Therapy Perham Health (Healthcare)

Partnering For Better Blood Pressure (Healthcare_CWG)

OTCPH Incorporates Healthy Lifestyle Message (Healthcare)

Occupational & Sports Physical Therapy Inc (Healthcare)

Sanford Health Helping Patients Improve Health (Healthcare)

Lead by Example Doctor's Orders (Healthcare)

Quitting Tobacco with Help (Healthcare)

Working Together for Health (Healthcare)

Lake Region Healthcare- A Journey into Community Wellness (Healthcare)

Dental Offices Take Steps to Address Tobacco Use (Healthcare)

Filling the Gaps Together (Healthcare_CWG)


Ecumen Detroit Lakes- lactation room (Breastfeeding)

Tobacco Prevention

Moorhead Public Housing Goes Smoke Free (Tobacco Prevention)